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Author Topic: Event Posting Format - Name | Date | Location | Age Limits  (Read 3804 times)

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July 25, 2008, 10:14:07 AM


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Allrighty, if you're going to post an upcoming event, please follow these simple guidelines:

Event postings require 4 things in the subject...

(1) Event Name or Highlights | (2) Date | (3) General Location | (4) be an actual event


"Wookie Boogie" w/Mubali & Friends | 6/21 | Portland Area | 21+
"Wookie Boogie" w/Mubali & Friends, 6/21-6/22, Mt. Hood Forest | All Ages

That's all. See, simple.

Please do not post events without dates and a general location.
If you don't have a real event or are brain storming events or looking for collaborators, post that stuff elsewhere. Not here. This is for 100% happening, with date and location, and information, confirmed events.

*Anything that hits Page 2 and is obviously international or not attended by us will be locked. If you post something a year in advance and no one bumps it, therefore it falls back to page two, it will be locked. (You've done your promotion and you've earned your fee, relevance is important though, so make it relevant if you want it to not be locked)

*If You're posting something international and there is no real connection, it won't get deleted, but it will get locked.

*If you seem like an un-engaged SPAM-BOT, things will likely get deleted.

**IMPORTANT FOR OUTDOOR EVENTS** - If you want the directions removed from your outdoor event after it has happened and is a locked-thread, feel free to ping a moderator and they will gladly remove the directions for you.

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