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Author Topic: vancouver 19+ Goaway 2014 - New Years Party! Dec 31st  (Read 1067 times)

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That’s right! All night New Years Party! This is a 19+ event, id required at door.

Kundalini Rising – Astral Harvest – Edmonton Canada
Rj Solo (Deliria)
Chris Organix (Phantasm Records / Organix)
Upavas (Sangoma Rec.) (Live)
DJ JANGBU (Irken Kitties)
Luminis (Irken Kitties)
Angel (Organix)

MASSIVE award winning sound by Innercity Beatz
LASERS by Organix
UV Enviorment
Fully Licensed, this is a 19+ event

$20 at the door,
Korean Community Center
1320 E Hastings

Kundalini Rising – Astral Harvest – Edmonton Canada

Kundalini Rising is the binary pseudonym of Ryan Joel, a DJ/Promoter based out of Edmonton, Alberta. With over five years of solid experience in the Canadian festival scene, Ryan has recently joined the Astral Harvest Festival crew. He is grateful to offer his healthy taste and well-seasoned knowledge to this already dedicated and amazing festival team.

When it comes to musical selections, Ryan has a solid penchant for psychedelic, progressive, and techno sounds. Having previously specialized largely in the realms of psychedelic progressive trance as Kundalini Rising, Ryan has recently launched his techno/tech house DJ efforts under the alias of Ryan Joel.
Kundalini Rising has played events such as Time & Space (Mexico), Eclipse (Montreal), Astral Harvest (Alberta), Shambhala (BC), Motion Notion (Alberta, BC), and Entheos (BC). He has also provided support for the likes of Zen Mechanic, Perfect Stranger, Kalya Scintilla, and Bluetech.

Kundalini Rising is also one-half of the international DJ duo, Neuronautics, with co-pilot Shane Logisticalone.

Upavas (Sangoma Rec.) (Live)

Upavas fell in love with psychedelic trance music in 1986 in Goa, India. He has established himself as a trance live act in North America over the years and writes music in all trance subgenres, from ambient to full on, dark and even hi-tech when the mood strikes him.
From the year 2000, prior to being a live act, Upavas was active as a Psy Trance DJ all over the globe, he has played in North America, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and North Africa.

Upavas is releasing his music on several labels, among them Sangoma Records, Triplag, Ohm Ganesh Pro and Jellyfish Recordings to name a few. He has also released his music on many VA compilations, as well as two full albums, one of them ambient, as self release, the other one Full On with Warp Brain Records and several EP’s, his last one via the label he is affiliated with, Sangoma Records. On December 12th, his latest EP called “EXTREME FREQUENCIES” will be released with Triplag and this one will feature dark psy trance. He will showcase it on New Years Eve live!